Windmill Coffee Roasters

We Are

Windmill Team


Andrew Burgason  

Owner // Roaster  

Generally curious about all things coffee. Andrew is passionate about connecting people with coffee. 


Will Owens

Customer Service // Supply Team

Will keep us all grounded and that's a good thing. He is in charge of making sure coffee gets where it should exactly when it should. He's dang good at it too. 


Augustine Toscano

Roaster // Account Manager

Augustine "Auggie" is an all hats kind of guy. He handles our in house marketing and design, roasts coffee, and is one of our excellent coffee trainers.  Habla Español. 


Devin Hiatt

Technical Support

Devin is our mechanical talent. He is either knees deep in  equipment repair, or he is rushing out to save a poor linea. He is skilled in ways most of us are not. Tech Hero. 



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